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Castelli Estate is one of the fastest-rising Western Australian boutique wine brands today, forward-thinking and innovative while remaining closely connected to its Italian roots. Family-owned and operated from day one, we proudly display the Castelli name on every bottle, consistently proving our passion for wine made with a relentless commitment to quality.

The current website for the Castelli Estate online eCommerce website was quite dated and from a UX point of view, it left a lot to be desired. With a very heavy and convoluted navigation, it didn’t allow users and potential customers to find what they were looking for and to convert. We knew we needed to change that urgently as the online store plays a big role in the overall sales for Castelli Estate. On top of that, we wanted to give the website a facelift, we wanted to bring such an iconic and reputable wine brand the look and feel it deserved. Something which communicated its heritage, history and quality of wines.

When approaching any of our design work, we want it to be timeless. We don’t want our clients to have to think about changing or updating their site every year. The Castelli Estate brand is so established that it provided a great creative direction for us to form the aesthetic of the website with ease. Along with the brand, the assets were of the highest quality.

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