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It’s no secret that DIY website builders are the latest craze in web design. The idea is that all you need to build a website is the raw material and the know-how, and there are websites to help you do just that. These sites allow anyone to build a site from scratch or use pre-made designs with some minor tweaking of their own. And while many people have seen success with these websites, some are finding out the hard way just how easy it can be for careless users to get into some serious trouble when attempting this kind of digital DIY project.

But before we get into the latest woes involving DIY website builders, let us look back at some of the common pitfalls that you may fall into when building a site with one of these tools. This article will be looking at how you can avoid or minimise the potential for problems when using an online tool to build your website.

The first thing many people find out once they start building their websites with DIY tools is that they don’t need to customise their designs or content in any way. These websites are fully customisable, allowing you to tweak your design and site content as much or as little as you want. And this is where many people get in trouble—they don’t have a clear understanding of their business and their website goals before they start. Once they show the site to others, they realise that it doesn’t showcase them or their business in the best way. Worse still, they go back to make changes but find that they can’t because it’s already been published on the web, and any changes made to an already live website need to be handled by a professional web developer.

As mentioned earlier, it’s common for DIY users to show their website to others before they are ready. This is a big mistake that can have some disastrous consequences if you aren’t careful. For example, one university amateur photographer thought he had created a beautiful portfolio site when he used one of these popular tools and put it online. Upon showing it around, however, he learned that prospective clients found his site unprofessional and inadequate. He was shocked when people told him that they thought his site was free and did not look professional at all! The lesson here is that your website needs to convert traffic into paying customers or the costs of having an unprofessional site like this will outweigh the benefits.

You Need to Be 100% Clear on What You Want Your Site to Accomplish before Creating It

A Website That Is Not Converting Is Costing You Money

For the same reason mentioned above, an amateur website builder who is not clear on what he or she wants their site to accomplish is making a big mistake. If you are not clear on what your business needs are, your site will reflect that lack of clarity. But more than that, even if you think you know exactly what it is that your site needs to do for your business, and even if it is accomplishing exactly that goal for you right now, chances are that it’s falling short somewhere. So whether you want to expand or make changes to the site design in order to draw more traffic or convert potential customers into actual paying clients, one thing is clear: those changes need to be made by a professional. When you think about it, the fact that so many websites are not converting visitors into customers is a huge waste of time and effort.

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