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Why is having a website for your tradesmen business? Well, let’s break it down for you then.

Whether you are a builder or plumber, clog-cleaning specialist or car mechanic, there are plenty of great websites to help you put your best foot forward. Many tradesmen have social media pages on Facebook and Instagram, especially if they are planning on advertising their services. If you want to be seen as the best in your field, having an online presence is a must-do for any tradesman who wants to increase their profession’s visibility online by taking advantage of this digital era.
There are numerous reasons why you should have your own website, including:

Builds Trust – A website lets the customer know you are a serious tradesman and that you have been in business for a while. A website can build trust in a potential customer because they will be able to see what your company has achieved in the past and check testimonials from clients who have used your services.

A Website is an Investment – One of the main reasons so many tradesmen do not have websites yet is that they feel it is expensive to get started. There is no denying that it does cost money to create your own site and hire a domain name, but it’s well worth the investment. A website is not only an investment in your business, but also in your future. It can bring you new clients who will be happy with the work you provide and come back for more services especially when it works in tandem with your digital marketing such as Google Adwords for trades. (Psst. If you’re looking for some Adwords management in Perth or abroad, give us a shout)

A Website Helps Build Long-Term Business Relationships with Customers – When you put a customer’s needs first and provide them with the highest quality service possible, they will most likely return to use your tradesman services time and time again. If you create a user-friendly experience for your client online, they will feel like they are dealing with an authentic tradesman who appreciates their business.

5 Top Tips for Tradesmen to be successful online

What should be your main focus when creating your online tradesman portfolio?

  • Think out of the box.
    Show your clients that you can think outside the box and create a portfolio they can’t resist. It should be an experience that is not only informative but entertaining as well.
  • Use social media platforms to boost your reach.
    There are plenty of mature tradesmen who use social media to help them reach potential customers they might not have had the opportunity to meet otherwise. This allows you to create a personal and authentic presence, and it will come across in your online portfolio.
  • Take advantage of video.
    Videos are a great way to showcase your skills and provide information about your services. If you need help creating videos for your website, there are plenty of affordable video creation services you can pay to have made for you.
  • Make sure that your content is up to date.
    You want to make sure that the information on your website is always accurate because the last thing you want is for people visiting your site to find outdated information about your company. Update it regularly so that it reflects the current state of things in your company.
  • Be honest about what you can do best. If you want to create a great tradesman portfolio, let your best work do the talking. Showcase your best services and your most highly-reviewed work in detail on your website.

If you are looking for a great website design company in Perth, then you should look no further than us at the Online Creative Dudes. We pride ourselves on their ability to create websites for tradies that are both user-friendly and functional. No matter what type of business you want to build in the future, we will be able to help you get started today!

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